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Our Mission

Opt Outdoor was established to build a community of people who are passionate about opting into the outdoor life.

Through providing practical information and reliable advice, we hope we can encourage more people to enjoy the outdoors.

 “We walk around in shoes far too small for us.” - Carl Jung

Our Vision

We hope that we can inspire people to attempt and achieve great things. And secondly, we want to make sure that people have the right equipment to do so.

Just because you are out of your comfort zone, doesn’t mean your clothes and gear shouldn’t be comfortable

Lastly, we  want to provide education on how to enjoy our natural environment responsibility.  From Leave No Trace principles to emphasizing sustainable products and practices. 

Our Articles

Expert information and 'how-to' guides written by passionate, experienced outdoors-people. 

A round-up of the in-depth reviews, providing a summary of the best products in each category.

Deep dives into a single product, written by people who have actually tried the product or gear.

Guides and practical advice on how to prepare and complete some of the best trails around the world. 

Our Team

everest base camp



Linh has been an avid adventure seeker since college. She has hiked Kilimanjaro, Machu Picchu, and Everest Basecamp and has Patagonia and Mont Blanc on her bucket list. 

Linh started Opt Outdoor to share her love of the outdoors and connect with fellow explorers.


Outdoor Expert

From market farming to wilderness survival guide to forestry technician and climbing instructor, Meg has an eclectic work history. But the common factor across all her pursuits is the outdoors. With a formal education in writing, Meg can translate her outdoor experiences into accessible and relatable content for any reader. Check Out Meg's Website.

Our Reviews

Authenticity is a core value of our team.

All the information we provide is from trusted experts that have actual experience or knowledge of the topic or the gear being reviewed.

Although we can receive commissions if you shop through the links on the articles, we stand behind everything we say. 

If we don’t like a product, we won’t recommend it.  The commissions enable the team to keep trying out gear and providing their expert analysis.  

It also means we can keep advertising of the site, ensuring the best user experience.

Our Community

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