6 Best Double Sleeping Bags for Couples in 2022

Last Updated: February 2022

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Nothing beats a night in the backcountry with your significant other, well, that is unless you have to sleep in separate sleeping bags.

Sure, there are plenty of advantages to a single sleeping bag or even single sleeping bags that zip together, but having a quality double sleeping bag will make your outdoor experiences together just that much cozier. 

As with standard sleeping bags, not all double sleeping bags are designed for all camping expeditions.

So, we chose the best double sleeping bags for six different categories - best overall, best value, most comfortable, best for backpacking, best for cold weather, and best for tall people

If you can’t find the perfect double sleeping bag for your next adventure, then check out our buying guide at the end of the article for more details on how to choose a quality sleeping bag that fits your needs.

Best Double Sleeping Bag: Big Agnes King Solomon 15˚

Key Specifications:

  • Fit Max Height: 6 feet
  • Temp Rating: 15°F
  • Fill Material: 650 fill DownTek water-repellent down

Pros & Cons:

  • Eco-friendly
  • Packable for a double sleeping bag
  • Warm and doesn’t form cold spots
  • Expensive (but you pay for quality) 

Our top pick for the best double sleeping bag is the Big Agnes King Solomon 15.

We must mention that Big Agnes makes various double sleeping bags that are fantastic products, but this one is their shining star. 

King Solomon 15 came out on top because of the well-rounded design that works for both car camping and backpacking.

It meets bluesign® criteria for the materials they use, making it one of the most sustainable and eco-friendly sleeping bags on our list.

The insulation is a 650 fill DownTek water-repellent down, making it lightweight and easy to pack down at only 4lbs 5oz.

Unlike other types of down, the DownTek prevents moisture from being absorbed into the insulation, so the down can still insulate. 

For even more warmth, this bag uses Insotect Flow™baffles that prevents the down from bunching up and forming cold spots in the bag.

The pillow garage and cinch around the top will ensure that you and your partner stay warm and cozy all night long for a no draft fit.

Best Value Double Sleeping Bag: ALPS Mountaineering Twin Peak

Key Specifications:

  • Fit Max Height: 6 feet
  • Temp Rating: 20°F
  • Fill Material: Synthetic (TechLoft+ synthetic fibers)

Pros & Cons:

  • Great value for the price
  • Can split into two single bags
  • Large and open bag size
  • Very bulky to pack

If you don’t mind a bag that is a bit too bulky to be a backpacking bag, but will work just fine for weekends of car or truck camping, then the ALPS Mountaineering Twin Peak bag will be the perfect fit.

It is an extremely affordable double sleeping bag, and it is relatively good quality for the price. 

One of the stand out features of this bag is that it is exceptionally roomy. There is plenty of room to move around, and it works well for larger campers.

The synthetic fill makes the bag heavier than some other options. The rectangle design is a limiting factor when it comes to warmth on really cold nights.

Still, for the price, you aren’t going to beat the warmth and cozy comfort of the ALPS Mountaineering Twin Peak.

It also has the advantage of being able to be unzipped to work as a large quilt or even as two separate single sleeping bags if needed.

Most Comfortable Double Sleeping Bag: NEMO Jazz Duo 20

Key Specifications:

  • Fit Max Height: 6 feet 4 inches
  • Temp Rating: 20°F
  • Fill Material: Stratofiber™

Pros & Cons:

  • Integrated sheet is easy to wash
  • Easy to transport
  • Hood and draft collar to keep you warm all night
  • Too bulky for backpacking

If you are on the hunt for a luxury camping bed that is easy to pack for car camping, then the NEMO Jazz Duo 20 is the perfect choice for a double sleeping bag. 

It will be far too big to bring on any backpacking expedition. Still, it does afford you a lot of comfort and convenience. 

The NEMO Jazz Duo 20 may be too heavy to bring backpacking, but it does have an easy to carry duffel that makes it easy to roll up and toss into a car.

This double sleeping bag won out for our most comfortable category because of the built-in quilted pillow top on the bottom, a draft collar, and an integrated removable sheet inside the bag. 

The oversized duffel fits more than just the sleeping bag too. The carrying duffel is intentionally larger than the bag, so you can also store the sleeping pads inside.

That way, you can keep the pad in the sleeping pad sleeve, roll up your bag, and pack it away.

Best Double Sleeping Bag for Backpacking: Sierra Designs Backcountry Bed Duo

Key Specifications:

  • Fit Max Height: 6 feet 4 inches
  • Temp Rating: 20°F
  • Fill Material: 700FP PFC-Free DriDown

Pros & Cons:

  • Lightweight and packable
  • Water-resistant down insulation
  • Innovative sleep design
  • Expensive (but you pay for quality) 

While our best overall pick is light enough to be a quality backpacking bag, the Sierra Designs Backcountry Bed Duo will be the top of the line pick for the best double sleeping bag for backpacking.

Weighing a mere 4lbs 10oz, carrying this one double sleeping bag is likely lighter than the two of you carrying a single bag of your own.

The reason this double sleeping bag is so light is partially due to the innovative design. Instead of using zippers and once cohesive fabric, there is a large hole in the middle top of the bag.

To ensure the people using the bag stay warm, though, the designers tucked a down comforter into the outer lining.

This makes it easier to pack down and gives the unique feel of sleeping in your bed at home versus a sleeping bag.

Best Double Sleeping Bag for Tall People: Teton Sports Mammoth

Key Specifications:

  • Fit Max Height: 7 feet
  • Temp Rating: 0℉ or 20℉ options
  • Fill Material: Synthetic

Pros & Cons:

  • Longer/wider than most queen beds
  • Comfortable flannel liner
  • Very affordable price
  • Too big and bulky for backpacking

If you struggle to find a sleeping bag that fits both you and your partner because of your size, look no further than the Teton Sports Mammoth.

This bag is designed to be larger than most queen-sized beds and brings home comfort into the woods.

The Mammoth bag’s innovative design allows it to be zipped to another bag of the same design so you can fit your whole family into one sleeping bag. 

Teton Sports offers both a zero degree and 20-degree option for this bag, and either temperature gives you the option to stay warm on cold nights outdoors.

The synthetic material and warm flannel lining make for a cozy camping experience. Still, it does make the bag quite bulky and heavy.

The mummy-style hood is another design feature that provides some added warmth and comfort on cold nights.

Best Double Sleeping Bag for Cold Weather: Feathered Friends Spoonbill UL

double sleeping bag

Key Specifications:

  • Fit Max Height: 6 feet
  • Temp Rating: 0°F
  • Fill Material: 950+ FP goose down

Pros & Cons:

  • Very warm
  • Individual mummy hoods 
  • Very packable size
  • Lightweight 
  • Expensive (but you pay for quality) 

If you are venturing into the mountains, this is a double sleeping bag that can hold up to alpine conditions.

Feathered Friends uses a 950+ down filling to ensure that the two campers are warm and cozy in this double sleeping bag.

It is a small, innovative design that optimizes shared body heat while still affording both people the comfort and warmth of a mummy sleeping bag design.

You may notice that this is one of the most expensive sleeping bags on our list, but that is because you are paying for the highest quality materials and technology.

To protect the insulation, the outside is a Pertex® Endurance® 10D fabric. This fabric, paired with the down insulation, makes the bag ultralight. It has the added benefit of being water-resistant yet breathable.

Double Sleeping Bag Buying Guide

sleeping bags couple

Although we have some amazing options for double sleeping bags in our list above, there still may not be that perfect sleeping bag for you.

That’s why we put together a buying guide to narrow down your top choices to fit your specific needs. 

As with any outdoor gear purchase, the first two deciding factors should be your budget and the intended use. 

Once you’ve had a chance to determine how much money you’re willing to spend and if it will be used for backpacking or car camping, there are only a few more things to think about.

When deciding your budget remember that sometimes spending a bit more upfront means a higher-quality and longer-lasting product that could save you more money in the long run. 

double sleeping bag couple camping


The size of your double sleeping bag will mostly be determined by the body sizes of you and your partner.

If you are a tall person, you will need a larger bag like the Teton Sports Mammoth.

Most manufacturers will list the maximum height in the specifications. So if you are over 6 feet tall, you’ll want to look at the specs of all the bags on your list as you narrow things down. 

The next reason size should be considered is that you will be sharing this bag with another person. Take a moment to think about if you are someone that moves a lot in your sleep or quickly feels claustrophobic.

If either is the case, think about a larger bag than you need to make sleeping more comfortable.

Temperature Rating

When a sleeping bag has a temperature rating, it is listing the lowest temperature a person can use it and survive, not necessarily be comfortable as they sleep. 

It is essential to understand that any temperature rating on a sleeping bag is not a guarantee of warmth at the listed temperature.

When choosing a bag for a specific temperature, if you are unsure, always choose a bag that is rated for a lower temperature than you expect.

This will ensure that you will stay safe and comfortable as you sleep. 

Most companies will either use an EN or ISO rating for temperature. These are the two main standardized tests that companies use to compare temperature ratings between different brands.

If the specs are not listed as EN or ISO in the temperature rating, then look for the terms “comfort” or “limit” rating. 

The “comfort” rating is the lowest temperature that the bag will keep the sleeper comfortable.

This is a more common term used when labeling temperature rating on women’s sleeping bags.

The “limit” rating is often described as the lowest temperature a “warm sleeper” will be comfortable but should be seen as the temperature that will keep a sleeper alive, not necessarily comfortably warm.

If a company does not use the terms “comfort,” “limit,” “EN,” or “ISO,” then you can assume that they did their own temperature rating testing and it did not go through the standardized process. 

family camping sleeping bags


There are several different types of materials that sleeping bag manufacturers can use to make their products.

Most outdoor companies have started to make a move towards always having waterproof or, at the very least water-resistant materials for sleeping bag exteriors.

If they do have water resistance, they’re usually treated with a coating like DWR to prevent moisture from soaking into the insulation. If this is the case, keep in mind that you’ll have to reapply a coating with frequent use. 

The materials themselves can tell you how eco-friendly the company is (blue sign certified materials), how durable the bag will be, and how warm it will be. 

Materials like ripstop nylon or polyester are ideal for a sleeping bag shell material, but not always necessary if the sleeping bag is only used one or two times a year and for car camping.

However, these materials are more durable and are recommended for campers that use their sleeping bag often. 

The insulation is the next material that you need to consider.

Both down and synthetic insulation have their pros and cons, so deciding which is right for you will be a personal decision. 

If you are vegan, then synthetic insulation is the only choice available to you, and you should check insulation materials as some companies use a synthetic and down blend. 

Synthetic insulation is often heavier and will not pack down as small as down insulation. However, synthetic insulation has the advantage of still being able to insulate when wet and dries much faster than down materials.

Synthetic insulation is also usually a more affordable option. As far as warmth goes overall, down insulation will always win out in dry conditions. 

If you opt for a down insulation sleeping bag, consider the fill power you need. The fill power will always be specified, and it indicates the overall quality of the down.

Essentially, the higher the number listed under the fill power spec, the greater the warmth the insulation will have. If you are looking for a cold-weather bag, then a fill power closer to or above 800 is ideal. 

Another consideration to take when choosing your sleeping bag’s down insulation is labeled as RDS (Responsible Down Standard) or TDS (global Traceable Down Standard).

These are important because most down is collected as a by-product of industrial farming operations in the meat industry.

By choosing down that is RDS or TDS certified, you are ensuring that the down was collected from ducks and geese afforded humane treatment during their life. 

couple sleeping bags shopping


The portability of your double sleeping bag will only be a huge concern if you plan to use a double sleeping bag for backpacking.

If you are car camping, the size of most double sleeping bags will work just fine, so the main portability factor will be how packable it is into its carrying bag.

Some double sleeping bags will roll into a duffel bag, and others will use a stuff sack similar to single sleeping bags. All of this is dependent on the bag size, materials used, bag shape, and the intended use. 

If you are backpacking with a double sleeping bag, you will likely be spending more money to ensure you have a functional and lightweight sleeping bag.

A few of the sleeping bags listed on our best-of list above worked well for backpacking because they’re designed to do so.

They’re lightweight, packable, and still warm enough to protect you in the backcountry. 

Dual Use 

Although the intention of a double sleeping bag is to share it with a partner, you may not always be camping with them.

Some companies have designed bags that can be separated to be individual sleeping bags or a double sleeping bag. This is advantageous for couples who love camping together and venture off on their own from time to time. 

The only downside to a dual-use sleeping bag is that it can cause some heat loss at the zipper if it is fully unzippable.

This can be combated with a fabric cover and zipper garage to stop the draft, so look for extra features that protect heat retention in dual-use double sleeping bags. 


A double sleeping bag will be slightly different from an individual bag.

Many double sleeping bags are a simple rectangular design. However, some of the double sleeping bags designed more so for backpacking purposes will take after the warmer mummy sleeping bag design. 

Rectangular sleeping bags maximize room within the bag but lose out on warmth because the next portion is open. 

There is no hood to contain heat that escapes from your head. Sometimes companies get around this by designing a pillow garage and a draft collar to minimize heat escape. 

Mummy bags are warmer and often lightweight, which makes them ideal for backpacking.

Most of the time, these bags will be wider at the shoulder and then narrow as they get down to your feet.

They will also have a contoured hood that can tighten around your face as you sleep to optimize heat retention and warmth. It will be a snug fit, so it isn’t always ideal for sleepers that are claustrophobic.

Double Sleeping Bag FAQs

How Do You Clean a Double Sleeping Bag?

Knowing how to clean your sleeping bag will be manufacturer specific.

Not all sleeping bags are machine washable, but this will be specified in the instructions when purchasing your sleeping bag.

Be sure to follow the washing instructions before you attempt to wash any sleeping bag to get the most out of your sleeping bag. 

For more gear cleaning tips - check out our articles on How to Clean Your Hiking Boots and How to Clean Your Hiking Backpack.

What are the Benefits of Single vs. Double Sleeping Bags?

There are benefits to both double and single sleeping bags, but it mostly comes down to intended use.

In most cases, the double sleeping bags are ideal for couples that camp together often and enjoy a shared sleep space. 

This can make for a more intimate camping experience and be advantageous for heat retention on cold nights. 

Final Takeaways

Nothing beats a night in the backcountry with your significant other and having a quality double sleeping bag will make your outdoor experiences together just that much cozier.

Everyone is different so we listed up the best double sleeping bags based on different needs.

Before choosing the right double sleeping bag for you, make sure you know your budget and intended purpose.

Happy Exploring!

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