The Best Osprey Backpacks For Men of 2020

Last Updated: October 2020

To help you find the right pack for any adventure, we’ve created this guide to the best Osprey men's backpacks. 

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Quick Recommendations 

Best Osprey Men's Backpack for Day Hikes: Osprey Talon 22

What We Like: Added features provide lots of versatility; Highly breathable back panel; Seamless hip belt design to reduce chafing.

What We Don’t Like: Not enough storage space for winter hiking gear; External pockets are fairly small

Trip Duration: Day Hiking

Weight: 1.68lbs (0.76kg)

The Osprey Talon 22 is a simple, yet versatile day pack for any adventure. The pack has a 22L capacity, which provides enough space for most day trips.

Osprey designed this specific pack with comfort in mind. The Talon 22 has a ventilated BioStretch harness and an AirScape back panel for added breathability. It also has a continuous wrap hip belt that provides a great fit with minimal chafing.

As far as added features, the Talon 22 has Stow-on-the-Go trekking pole holders and a LidLock helmet carry system. It also has two side pockets, one large front pocket, as well as stash pouches on the hip belt and harness. This makes the Talon 22 perfect for both hiking and mountain biking or use around town.

Runner-up: Osprey Stratos 24

If you want a pack that’s even more comfortable and breathable than the Talon 22, the Osprey Stratos 24 is a good option. It’s also a little larger than the Talon 22 and has an adjustable back panel so you can get the perfect fit.

Best Osprey Men's Backpack for Weekend Trips: Osprey Exos 48

What We Like: Plenty of storage options; AirSpeed suspension adds breathability.

What We Don’t Like: Fairly heavy for the size.

Trip Duration: 1-2 Nights

Weight: 2.55lbs (1.16kg)

The Osprey Exos 48 is great for weekend trips and other short outings in the mountains. It is a solid overnight pack. The pack has a built-in AirSpeed suspension that helps keep the back panel away from your body. This provides maximum ventilation without sacrificing comfort.

Plus, the Exos 48 has a floating lid for extra storage. You can remove it to cut weight. You can also store your trekking poles with Osprey’s “Stow-on-the-Go” system. Other important gear storage features include ice axe attachments and front mesh pockets. The Exos 48 gives you other storage options. It comes with plenty of accessory cord attachment points for bulkier pieces of gear.

Runner-up: Osprey Levity 45

If you're a weight counter, the Osprey Levity 45 is a great ultralight backpacking pack. It cuts down on unnecessary weight for light and fast missions in the mountains. Thus, it’s a good choice for people who want the storage space of the Exos 48 but not all the weight.

Best Osprey Men's Backpack for Multi-day Hikes: Osprey Atmos AG 65

What We Like: Very comfortable harness; Lots of pockets; Good ventilation.

What We Don’t Like: Heavy; Not great for super heavy loads.

Trip Duration: 2-5 Nights

Weight: 4.56lb (2.1kg)

If you’re looking for a new take on a traditional backpacking pack, the Osprey Atmos AG 65 might be what you need. This pack integrates some modern technology into a classic design.

The Atmos AG 65 uses the AntiGravity suspension system to create a more comfortable fit. This suspension system also provides ample ventilation. Also, it has a seamless design to reduce chafing.

One of the best parts about the Atmos AG 65 is its plentiful storage options. The pack has an adjustable mesh front pocket for quick on-the-go storage. Plus, it has a front panel to help you organize your gear.

Runner-Up: Osprey Aether Pro 70

The Osprey Aether Pro 70 is a good alternative to the Atmos AG 65. This pack is for anyone that wants a little more storage and a harness that can comfortably carry a lot of weight. This pack also has built-in mountaineering and climbing features,  making it extra versatile for all your mountain pursuits.

Best Osprey Men's Backpack for Extended Hikes: Osprey Xenith 88

What We Like: Comfortable for heavy loads with a customized fit; Plenty of storage pockets and options; Interchangeable hipbelt and adjustable harness sizing.

What We Don’t Like: Fairly heavy; relatively expensive.

Trip Duration: 5+ Nights

Weight: 5.61lb (2.55kg)

Long hikes in the mountains are no match for the Osprey Xenith 88. This backpack is a great option for those extended adventures where you don’t want to skimp on comfort. The Xenith 88 is well-known for its ability to handle heavy loads.

The pack’s comfort at maximum load capacity is all thanks to its precision fit. Thanks to its interchangeable hip belts and harnesses. Also, it has custom molding technology. You can actually design the Xenith 88 to fit your body perfectly!

Plus, the Xenith 88 simplifies the packing process by providing many storage options. The pack has plenty of side pockets for quick external storage. The pack has multiple entry points, providing rapid access to your most important gear during a break on the trail.

Runner-Up: Osprey Xenith 105

When only the largest pack will do, the Osprey Xenith 105 is a must-have piece of gear. The Xenith 105 shares many of the great features of the Xenith 88. Yet, it has almost 20L more space, which makes it perfect for very long trips into the mountains.

Why We Like Osprey Backpacks 

Osprey is one of the oldest backpacking gear manufacturers in the United States. The company got its start in 1974. It was a small shop where outdoor enthusiasts could get their own custom-made packs.

While Osprey no longer makes custom gear, their line-up of packs is one of the best in the world. Moreover, some of their high-end packs offer custom molding so you can get the perfect fit.

Osprey is also known for making high-quality equipment that’s very versatile. We love that Osprey builds their packs with plenty of features to make your life easier when you’re out and about.

Plus, Osprey stands by the quality of their packs. They offer their All Mighty Guarantee. The company will repair any damage or defect on their packs, free of charge, regardless of when you bought it.

We like Osprey backpacks so much, we also put together a list of the Best Osprey backpacks for women.

Osprey Backpack Comparison Table


Trip Length


Day Hikes


Day Hikes


1-2 Nights


1-2 Nights


2-5 Nights


2-5 Nights


5+ Nights


5+ Nights


The Final Verdict

Osprey’s line up of gear includes some of the best backpacks available on the market today. They have plenty of options for every pursuit. 

Plus, Osprey’s packs are chock full of amazing features. They all help to provide the functionality and versatility you need while on the trail. The key is to figure out which Osprey pack is best for your needs.

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