Osprey Volt 75 Backpack Review – Affordable Comfort

Last Updated: October 2020

Weight: 4.55 lbs

Gear Capacity: 75 L

Recommended Load Range: 30-50 lbs 

Pros: Adjustability; durability; functional in any outdoor setting; focus on organizational design and pack compression.

Cons: Mesh on exterior pockets is less durable than the rest of the pack materials; carries more volume than weight comfortably.

Best Suited For: All season, one size fits all, unisex backpack for multi-day expeditions.

Final Verdict: The Osprey Volt 75 is extremely adjustable, has amazing weight distribution, is comfortable even on extended treks, and has versatile features to fit your expeditions needs.

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About the Osprey Volt 75 Backpack

Osprey has long been a leading brand in the outdoor industry for packs of varying sizes. 

Of their packs, the Volt 75 continues to be a popular choice. It is versatile, adjustable, and it works for year-round adventures. 

From backpacking through Europe, embarking on a winter expedition, or enjoying a weekend backpacking trip this Fall, the Osprey Volt has got your back. 

The Osprey Volt 75 is considered to be a large multi-day expedition backpack. 

What We Like About the Osprey Volt 75


One of the things that we love most about the Volt 75 backpack is that it will fit almost any adult (and teenagers). It has an extendable torso adjustment and hip belt. 

The torso adjusts 5 inches, and the hip belt has 3 inches of adjustment. This is great for a variety of body shapes and sizes, but also multi-season use.

So, when it is winter, and you're bundled up, the waist will still fit, and when you're down to one shirt in the summer, you can tighten it down to fit. 

The back is also adjustable to fit each individual properly. The torso length and shoulder yoke have an adjustable sliding wireframe that is secured with velcro. When you receive the backpack, sizing instructions will be included.

Once the pack is fitted to size, the velcro is strong and sturdy enough to hold without slipping, no matter the weight load. 

This adjustability is desirable, especially if you plan to adventure year-round or share the pack with another person (i.e., a family with older children).

The adjustability of this pack provides a snug, body-hugging fit to almost any wearer. 


No one wants a backpack that is only going to last them one season. In the durability department, Osprey is never one to disappoint. 

While they always make their pack with quality materials and manufacturing processes, keep in mind that you're using them in rough conditions.

Things will break. That's why Osprey has a repair program. All you have to do is send them the damaged pack, and they'll repair it for free. 

Functionality, Design, and Compression

The Volt 75 is a rather large pack. While this may be too big for some ultralight expeditions, it works for almost any other scenario.

Osprey also offers a Volt 60 pack option for those looking for the same outstanding design with less carrying capacity. 

The reason the 75 is so functional is that is can be used in all seasons. It compresses down small enough to be a perfect summer pack, but it also has enough winter gear capacity.

There are exterior loops to hold either trekking poles or ice picks. 

The pack has numerous compartments, exterior attachment points, and expands or compresses to keep the load tight to your back. 

Osprey Volt 75 backpack

Photo: Meg Carney

Osprey Volt 75 backpack

Photo: Meg Carney

What We Don't Like About the Osprey Volt 75

Even the best backpacks on the market have a few downsides, and the Osprey Volt 75 is no exception.

Surprisingly though, it was hard to find anything that would be a deal-breaker. 

Mesh exterior pockets

Although the rest of the backpack is extremely durable, the one aspect of this pack that may rip and tear as you're hiking are a few exterior pockets. 

The two water bottle holders and the front kangaroo pocket are all made of a lightweight mesh material. While these are perfect for allowing stretch and compression, they tear more easily than other materials. 

We will say that although they are mesh, they do hold up reasonably well because they are multi-layered. Still, get these caught on a few tree branches, and they could be torn.

Carries more volume than weight comfortably

The adjustability of the pack adds a lot to the comfort of carrying a backpack. The high-capacity suspension system of the pack provides excellent lumbar back support and load to hip transfer.

It uses a peripheral wireframe that goes into the back wings of the hip belt. Because of this particular design, the pack is far more comfortable to carry more volume than the actual weight. 

Backpacks that have have a wireframe that terminates inside the lumbar pad or along the sides tend to have a better weight to volume ratio. However, that isn't to say that Osprey fails in this category. 

The pack itself is rated to carry up to 50lbs. After years of use, we'd say that the Osprey Volt 75 stays exceedingly comfortable up to 40-45 lbs.

Once the pack is teetering the 50lb line, you notice the weight distribution design, and far more pressure is applied to your hips. 

Photo: Meg Carney

Osprey Volt 75 backpack

Photo: Meg Carney

Does it offer Value for Money? 

Although Osprey is a trusted outdoor brand with a repair warranty, the prices are still quite reasonable.

While you will still be paying a couple of hundred dollars for a backpack, expect this pack to last you a lifetime of use. 

Not only that, but it is an excellent buy for families that have teenage children that take occasional trips. They can grow into the pack and adjust it as they get older. 

Osprey Volt 75's Key Features 

Back Panel Suspension

Although the back suspension and weight to volume ratio are one of our cons, it still is one of the best on the market. It is hard to find things wrong with this backpack!

The airspace suspension systems and LightWire peripheral frame transfers the weight load from the harness to the hip belt. 

This design pulse the HDPE framesheet evenly distributes the weight load across the entire back panel. 

The mesh-covered ridged foam design of the back panel allows for ventilation, comfort, and keeps the load close to your body as you move. There is also an adjustable sternum strap and an integrated rescue whistle.

Dual Upper and Lower Side Compression Straps

Osprey made it easy for the pack's weight load to fit snuggly to your body as you hike by adding in compression straps.

While there is one strap inside the pack under the brain to compress the pack, there are also straps on each side and on the top/front attached to the brain. 

These straps make the pack compressible to fit any pack size, especially when it is not full. They also serve as additional attachment points or as a way to secure other objects. 

Other Unique Features:

  • Dual Ice Tool Attachments
  • Internal Hydration Sleeve
  • Zippered Sleeping Bag Compartment with Divider
  • Removable Sleeping Pad Straps
  • Zippered Hip Pockets
  • Front Panel Daisy Chains
  • Integrated Rain Cover
  • Stow-n-Go Trekking Pole Attachment

Osprey Viva: The Volt for Women 

The Osprey Volt pack is considered a unisex backpack, and the Volt will fit many women's frames. However, to ensure that Osprey had a Volt option for even the most petite framed women, they designed the Viva. 

The Osprey Viva comes in both a 65L and 50L pack size. 

These smaller sizes make it a perfect fit for smaller women, as they should not be carrying quite as much in relation to their body size/weight. 

The Viva is the same pack design as the Volt, except for the smaller size and some slight fit adjustments. 

Other Recommended Alternatives 

Osprey offers a wide variety of backpacks that fit any occasion. If the Volt/Viva is not the perfect pack for you, check out one of these other unique options designed by Osprey. 

Osprey Aether AG 70 Backpack

This men's backpack is tailored for mountaineering specific expeditions. It has many of the same features that the Volt does, but it employs anti-gravity suspension technology. It includes a few different attachment points and features more compression straps. 

It also has a detachable top brain pocket that doubles as a day pack. 

Osprey Atmos AG 65 Backpack

A slightly smaller pack is the Atmos AG 65. This pack is designed for traditional backpacking, making the design slightly simpler while providing better ventilation.

This pack still features impressive storage capacity and weight distribution for a comfortable and easy load while hiking on any terrain. 

Check out our Best Backpacks Buying Guide and other backpack in-depth reviews for more backpack recommendations.

Key Takeaways

Although we love all Osprey backpacks, we must emphasize that knowing what you want to use your pack for most is the best way to narrow down the choices.

The Volt/Viva kind of takes the leg work out of it for you, though. It's versatile design and adjustability gives you a pack that can essentially do it all. 

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